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Lunchtimes at school are a time when the children are able to really focus on everyday skills that are needed to get on with others such as cooperating, working as part of a team, taking turns, understanding fairness, getting on and falling out to name but a few. At SSA we believe in developing these skills so that the whole child is developed.

During this important time of the day, we have put together an extensive range of games and activities to suit all ages, abilities and needs, working with all lunchtime staff to support schools in devising their own specific programs that suit the needs of their children.These games are created so that the children can play together, have fun, develop essential skills and meet new friends in a controlled and safe environment. At SSA we work closely with the school and their lunch time supervisors so that we meet every child’s needs.We are currently supporting schools as lunchtime supervisors role, with these sports as the key to get more children active and engaged lunchtime play, please contact us if you feel this would be beneficial to your school.

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