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All of the coaches at SSA work with children because we want to make a positive difference to the children that we work with. Over the years, it has become increasingly obvious that there is a need to cater for not only the academic or PE needs of the child but also cater for their emotional well being. We have noticed across the many of the schools that we have worked at, that whilst most children are ready to succeed at school, others need that extra support and nurturing that can be difficult to cater for during the busy school day.

At SSA we believe that children have to feel happy, safe and secure before they can really start to achieve their full potential. They have to feel valued and supported. This is why we offer children and schools a mentoring service that supports children, staff and parents in raising their self-esteem and confidence. We work with children on a one to one basis and as part of a group, working on raising selfworth and supporting them with their learning. Part of the reason that we and schools feel that the provision we offer is so successful in supporting children, who often are at risk of exclusion is because we have a relationship with them already. This is through our PE teaching where we are focusing on key skills that are so important in the children’s daily lives of cooperating, taking turns, working as part of a team, having fun and feeling good about yourself.

At a time where there seems to be so much pressure on schools to raise the achievement and attainment of children, we know that what we offer in terms of the social, emotional and behavioural support of children helps them in their learning as we have supported them in developing key skills in becoming happier children who can persevere, are determined with aspirations to be the best that they can be. To further support our work in this, we undergo various courses to ensure we are providing the children with an excellent level of TA support, including Place2Be training, Mentoring Skills courses. Our aim is to open a facility which caters for children who are vulnerable in school and support them in living successful lives.

Acting as role models that make a positive difference to all children is something that we believe in passionately at SSA and through our Sports Mentoring of children we feel that we are able to support schools in achieving this goal that we all want for the children to be able to ‘Dream, Believe and Achieve’

**We currently offer a simple TA service where we can work within the school hour for the schools as a part time basis if there’s a need for additional support needed within the classroom. If we can work it into the coaches timetable and it benefits the school for a period of time we can help**

Our team over the past 3 years have undergone the following training days to ensure they have the skills to work with the children beyond the sports coaching label;

Place2Be CPD Training we have had

  • Place to Think consultation Training (Subdued and Dynamic behaviours)
  • Classroom/PE Based Behaviour Management
  • Counselling Skills for working with Children
  • Counselling Skills Training
  • Autism Awareness (Croydon Care Solutions Autism Service)
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