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Reference available see below

Aerodrome Primary School (Reach2 Academy)
Atwood Primary School Academy
Elmwood Junior School
Eardley Primary School
Harris Primary Academy Benson
Harris Primary Free School Peckham
Colfes Prep School
Colfes Pre Prep
Woodside Primary School (Synaptic Trust)
Suzanne Christopher Extended Schools
Pegasus Academy Trust
Pegasus Whitehorse Manor Junior School
Pegasus Whitehorse Infant School

Pegasus Ecclesbourne Primary School
Calleydown Childrens Home
Pegasus Bridgestock Whitehorse Primary School
Pegasus Beulah Infant School
Forestdale Primary School
Courtwood Primary School
Gilbert Scott Primary School
Highview Primary School
St Marks Primary School (Merton)
Winterbourne Infant & Nursery
South Norwood Grove Pre School
Little Elms Nursery

Our plan when working with the schools

We work on a rolling half termly basis with all schools (no year contracts)

Our aim is to ensure we are within the school budget and to maintain a cost effective sustainable program to keep the longevity of our sessions, working with the children from KS1 until they leave building relationships and keeping the teams continuity throughout.

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